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Content Marketing

Are you wondering just how important “quality content” really is to your website, blog, video, images or social media?

Publishing various types of relevant online content is essential to attracting a large number of new visitors to your site. The correct content can increase conversions and help build brand awareness.

The wrong content on your website will drive potential customers away, provide poor results and potentially could damage your reputation.

So an effective content marketing strategy for your business is very important.

Ranking highly in search engine results should be the target for every successful business as potential customers aren’t going to plough through page after page of Google results until they find you.

Top quality content is a prime factor in achieving a high search engine ranking.

For example, Google assigns more importance to websites that provide value. The site’s content is analysed to establish whether it is meaningful, useful and grammatically correct and whether or not the site is providing the information that searchers are looking for. Google also examines how frequently your website content is updated – the more often, the better.

Our Plan

When you need relevant and impactive content that hits the mark, Total Results can get the job done. With strong content creation and marketing experience, we will ensure that your content needs are satisfied.

We work with businesses of all types and sizes from sole traders to County Councils fulfilling European projects, however, helping small businesses is the cornerstone of our work.

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Call Total Results on 07917 698 334 or email [email protected]

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